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Download Purchased Trend Micro

Anybody using electronic devices like mobile phones or computers and laptops are very much irritated with the virus, malware attacks on their devices. To keep away from all these attacks, you need to have Trend Micro on your system. To have Trend Micro on your system, firstly you need to Download Purchased Trend Micro. After download, install and then activate Trend Micro to avail all the features of it.

System Requirements for Windows PC to Download Trend Micro

You can not install Trend Micro on any of your device. There are certain system requirements that must be fulfilled in order to Download Purchased Trend Micro on that very system. Here, we will discuss about the system requirements for the Windows PC. These requirements include following points.

Download Purchased Trend Micro

Download Purchased Trend Micro

  • The OS of the system can be any of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Except this, Trend Micro cannot be installed on any of the windows version.
  • Minimum hardware requirements are 1 GHz processor, 1 GB memory while the recommended is 2 GB memory and at least 1.3 GB space on the hard disk.
  • Internet browsers may be Internet explorer 11.0 version or the latest version of any of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  • A high- speed internet connection is recommended.
  • Display of the desktop must be high color display with 1280*720 pixels resolution or above.

How to Download Trend Micro

To Download Purchased Trend Micro, system requirements are checked at first which are mentioned above. A high- speed internet is connected to the system. The process to download, install and activate Trend Micro may take some minutes. Do not be impatient during the process. The process has been divided into number of steps for the ease of novice. These steps are:

  • Open any of the browser mentioned in the system requirements and go to the official website of Trend Micro computer security.
  • Find out the download link of Trend Micro installer file. If download does not start by itself, click on the link to download the installer file.
  • Save the installer file on the system.
  • Double click on the icon to run the program.
  • Admin’s permission is asked to run the program. Click ‘Yes’.
  • Installer extracts the files required for Trend Micro installation.
  • Installer tries to check whether system is compatible for installation or not.
  • Now, you need to choose among free and paid version of Trend Micro.
  • For paid version, serial number is asked.
  • Fill in the serial number you have got when you have purchased Trend Micro.
  • If you want to read license agreement, go for it otherwise click ‘Agree and install’.
  • Installation takes some minutes. Wait until installation gets completed.
  • Activation window comes. Put the computer name.
  • Give your email address and go to next.
  • Fill in the account information and again go to next.
  • Check whether the information you entered are correct or not.
  • If everything is correct, click ‘Finish’.
  • Restart the computer to see the changes.

Now, your system is completely protected by Trend Micro computer security. click Installation process to know more about Trend Micro.

Download Purchased Trend Micro

As you can see i have described each and every step to download your trend micro. In case if our trend micro is still not installing after the download then we have to troubleshoot some of the things.

Troubleshooting to download and install a purchased trend micro

if it seems like it is not going through with the above given steps then we need to check some of the things first of all.

  • Check if you have any other antivirus installed in your computer.
  • Also check if you have any other old trend micro already installed in your computer.

Case i- If you have any other antivirus installed in your computer other than a trend micro

  • Just go to your program and features , from your control panel.
  • Double click on that antivirus program which is already installed in your computer.
  • Finally if the program is removed , just restart your computer.
  • Now try to download your purchased trend micro.

Case ii – I already have a old trend micro installed in my computer

  • In case you already have a old trend micro installed in your computer which is already expired. Then first of all check which trend micro security you have already installed i.e. trend micro maximum security, trend micro internet security.
  • If the already installed trend micro security is the same as your newly purchased trend micro. Just open the settings of already installed version and change the activation code of the product with the new one and you are done.
  • Another possibility is , both are different versions of trend micro . Then just do the things like case i. Uninstall the program and restart the computer.
  • After restarting try to install the new version.

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