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Trend Micro Internet Security Activation

In today’s world, one can not think of having his/her computer system without security software installation. This is the first most software or application that you should install on your system when you own it. Some awful persons are always ready to ruin your data, steal it or damage it. It may not be useful for them and still they do so, just to irritate you. in such cases, trend micro is a very good choice. Trend Micro Internet Security Activation enables your computer system to fight against viruses as well as the threats of internet.

Security Packages:

Trend Micro Internet Security Activation

This very antivirus namely Trend Micro offers you three different kinds of security packages for your system. It does not provides you firewall rather it makes use of windows firewall and enhances it, so that it is used by you in an optimum way. This makes Trend Micro different from other antivirus applications. So, all these three Trend Micro Internet Security Activation products include antivirus protection as well as firewall enhancer/ firewall booster. Now it is your decision to select one of the products as per your system’s utility.


Trend Micro Internet Security Activation

Antivirus & Security

Trend Micro Activation

This computer security package gives you antivirus protection along with internet security but this package is offered for single computer system. The product also includes security against ransomware attack as well as firewall enhancer.

Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security Activation

This security variant of Trend micro provides you with premier internet security along with antivirus protection. The devices on which you would install this very security package, will be almost one hundred percent safe while browsing, data sharing or doing anything on the internet. It would not allow a single treat coming through the network connected to device. This package provides protection to three systems.

Maximum Security Trend Micro Activation

Maximum Security package of Trend Micro allows you to install the security software on the five devices. These devices may be Computer systems, laptops or Macs as well. Trend Micro maximum security is developed for android and iOS mobile phones also. If you or the family as a whole owns four or five systems then this security package is obviously for you. Also, it becomes very economical in comparison to the sum of the price paid for the antivirus program of individual system.

Installation:  Trend Micro Internet Security Activation

  • Open a browser on the system and go to website of Trend Micro i.e. www.trendmicro.com/activation.
  •  Find the download link and then download the installer file of Trend Micro.
  • Save it on the system and then run the program.
  • User control window appears and click ‘Yes’ on it.
  • Installer tries to take out some needful files for installation.
  • Now it performs a compatibility check for the system to install Trend Micro on it.
  • A window appears for you to choose among the free or paid version.
  • For paid version, you need to put in the serial number.
  • License agreement comes on the screen, read it otherwise agree to it.
  • It will take few more minutes to complete the installation.

To know the installation process in detail read Trend Micro Installation.

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