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Trend Micro Activation Code

The article describes you what is Trend Micro Activation Code and how to install trendmicro with activation code in to your computer.

Trend Micro Activation Code

Once desired Trend Micro product has been installed on your system, you are not done with it. But to utilize all the features of the product, it is needed to activate i.e. Trend Micro activation code. Activation code is basically product installation code for a particular software product. Whenever we purchase a software product and install it on our system, this activation code is required at that time e.g. we have purchased Trend Micro computer security, we should know the process of Trend Micro activation.

Each and every software product comes with unique activation code which is an alphanumeric code. A unique activation code is the verification that the software product purchased is only dedicated to the system/ systems for which we have purchased it. When this software product is for system and network protection, activation code becomes more specific feature. In simple words, we can say that activation codes should be more specific for computer security applications as the means to protect needs more protection.


Installing Trend Micro Activation Code:

Before installing Trend Micro activation code, you must need to be ensured that there is no conflicting software in the system so that it could work properly. Also, the system should be connected to a high- speed internet in order to activate the installed security product. The installation process of Trend Micro may take several minutes, so you ought to be patient during the whole process. The process is illustrated in form of various steps. These steps are:

Trend Micro Activation Code

  • Connect your system to the internet and open any browser on it.
  • Go to the website of Trend Micro maximum security i.e. www.trendmicro.com/license.
  • Find the download link of Trend Micro Activation Code installer file.
  • Download may start automatically, otherwise click on the link to download the file.
  • Save the installer file on the system and then double click on the icon to run the program.
  • It will ask for system administrator’s permission to run the file.
  • Installer extracts some file necessary to run the program.
  • A window appears on the screen saying ‘choose your version’. As you are going to install the paid version, choose it otherwise go for trial version.
  • After selecting the paid version, you need to enter the serial number in the space provided.
  • When you had bought the Trend Micro antivirus software, you would had got a box with it. Serial number lies on the same box or on the card inside the box.
  • After putting serial number, user license agreement comes on the screen. If you want to read it, go for that otherwise check on the ‘Agree’ box.
  • Now installation reaches to its last step. Wait for it.
  • Activation window comes. Put the computer name.
  • Give your email address and go to next.
  • Fill in the account information and again go to next.
  • Check whether the information you entered are correct or not.
  • If everything is correct, click ‘Finish’.
  • Restart the computer to see the changes.

To know the installation process more clearly, read Trend micro Activation.

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